The Circular Project

Do you have Kahm Swimwear that you no longer wear? 
This is your perfect chance to be part of our new Circular Project to enable our Swimwear to be returned into the Circular Economy.  We accept all Kahm Swimwear that you no longer wear - regardless of your reason for return.  Sometimes it is a mis-purchase, the size no longer fits, the colours or the fabric have lost their vibrancy over time.  Whatever the reason, we are happy to take back your Kahm product. 
We are working with our manufacturers to return the products, to be recycled and repurposed into eco industrial products. We want to keep precious material out of landfills and use it again and again.
How to Recycle your Kahm Swimwear
1.  Make sure it is clean.
2.  Remove all metal and other attachments including zips, underwire, clips, buckles etc.
3.  Package and return it by post to the following address:
Kahm Sustainable Swimwear
Co Donegal, F92 KR82